A coach is given a great opportunity to shape the lives of young players in an influential manner. It is this reason that coaching has become my passion. 

The passion first comes from the love of volleyball and being able to play the sport all throughout my adolescent (Houston, TX) and young adult life (Lamar University, Beaumont, TX). I was able to continue this passion in full affect when I moved to Fallbrook, CA.  I get the privilege of teaching students/players the foundation of the sport, through skills and strategy.  I have to instill discipline, respect and elicit positive interaction while also teaching them to accept defeat by learning from it.

As a coach, I must show respect for my peers and athletes. I must be positive but firm. I also must learn from my mistakes (lead by example) and teach the players to learn from theirs. I expect 110% from myself and no less from my athletes. I know my role as a coach, and must explain individual roles to athletes, so they will accept theirs.


Volleyball has been a positive influence in my life.  I have learned life skills that have been invaluable in my life. I want to pass on those values with my players.  I hope to teach them values of respect, discipline, perseverance, teamwork, and resilience. 

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